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    Privacy Policy

    Atlanta Fundraising Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Atlanta Travel and Social Club respects the privacy concerns of the users of its Sites. As a general policy, no personal information is automatically collected from users of our Sites. However, certain non-personal information is recorded by the standard operation of the Internet servers. Information, such as the type of browser being used, its operating system, and your domain name is gathered in order to customize your online experience. Other uses of this information include internal review of the number of users to the Sites, but only in an aggregate and non-personally-identifiable form.

    Personally identifiable information that may be collected in connection with your voluntarily filling out forms in the checkout process or other areas of the Site is retained by Atlanta Fundraising Foundation and is not sold or otherwise transferred outside the company without your prior consent. This information may be used to better understand your use of the Sites and to support advertising transactions made on the Sites.

    Roommate lists and assignments for trips will only be made available to those that are signed up for the trip. No exceptions. Please do not ask us to send you a list of who is on the trip so you can make a decision if you want to attend or not.

  • Consumer Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions

    (The use of the term "Club" at all times is to imply "Atlanta Fundraising Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Atlanta Travel and Social Club and American Fundraising Foundation". "Member" implies the applicant.)

    1. The Club reserves the right to cancel or decline membership to anyone for any reason the Club deems appropriate. Membership may be terminated without refund if Member's conduct does not meet generally accepted social standards during activities. Member accepts this same liability in respect to the conduct and acceptability of Member's guest at Club activities, or if Member permits use of Membership by unauthorized non-members.

    2. Membership Dues and Donations to the Club are non-refundable.

    3. Refund policies are no different for credit cards than other forms of payment. If credit cards are used Member agrees to #2 above as resolution of any inquiries by credit card issuers. Also, activities and events charged on credit cards are subject to refund only as stated within the event sign up information page of the Club's Website, subject to certain deadlines and policies, and Member agrees to this in the resolution of credit card inquiries as well. If you file a dispute with your credit card company, then we will respond to them with our terms and conditions, cancellation and refund policies, copies of any emails and correspondence with you, etc. If we prevail in the dispute, then we will pass on to you the $25 charge back fee that is charged to us, and will bill your credit card for this amount. You agree to this and should make every attempt to resolve any disputes with the club prior to contacting your credit card issuer or filing a dispute.

    4. The Club is not responsible for the conduct, acts, omissions, false or misleading information provided by any Member and Member waives any and all claims, damages, losses or causes of action against the Club and any of it's Officers arising out of Club activities by any Member or Member's Guest to any other Member. Member indemnifies and agrees to hold Club and it's Officers harmless from any and all claims of damage whatsoever resulting from any activities provided Member.

    5. Member hereby acknowledges that hazards are inherent in activities participated in by Club Members, and hereby assumes all risks of injuries or damages incidental to such activities, including, but not limited to, alcohol consumption. In consideration of the mutual benefits derived from the joint participation by membership in the Club, in all activities, the Member does hereby absolve, release and waive any and all liability, claims or demands against the Club, its associates, its officers, directors, and each and every Member thereof which may arise out of or be related to any injury, damage or pecuniary loss by reason of such membership or activity of or participation in said organization. Member's guest in and of their participation in any of the aforementioned are assumed to have been informed of such general release by Member and considered to have understood and accepted the same terms of participation. Member assumes full responsibility for notification of these terms to their guests and any subsequent liability for failure to do so. Included, but not limited to, in this general release are all causes arising of nonfeasance, malfeasance, or negligence of the Club, its officers or Board of Directors and associates. Any Member or guest of the Club who uses his property or loans to another his property for use at any Club event or function does so at Member's or guest's own risk and said Member or guest waives any and all claims against the Club and its associates, regardless who uses and/or causes any damage to said property.

    6. All participants in club events and trips are responsible for any damage they may cause to any person or company's property, including any injury to any individual. If the trip or event was paid for by credit card, the same credit card will be billed to cover the cost of any repairs, replacement, or medical treatment(s) necessary in the case of personal injury, that were caused by the participant or the participant's guest. 

    7. Payment of renewal dues or continued participation in Club activities constitutes a continuation of this agreement and all its terms and conditions as originally stipulated.

    7. If any particular provision of this agreement is invalid, the same shall not affect the other provisions hereof, and remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

  • Return Policy
  • You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the following payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, eCheck. Atlanta Fundraising Foundation reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you pay the deposit only for a trip or event, and NOT the full payment, you agree that if you do not cancel or pay your balance by the stated deadlines, we should automatically charge the balance of the cost at that time for the trip as a convenience to you with the logical assumption that you will be attending. Further submission of credit card information and your approval will not be required. However, if you need additional time to pay your balance, let us know and we will work with you the best we can.

    No Refunds for No Shows under any circumstances. In most cases we have already paid for your airline ticket, seat on the bus, condo or hotel room, etc., so our expenses and costs remain the same whether you show up or not, so any monies paid by you are absolutely non-refundable if you fail to show up for the trip or event.

    No Refunds for Cancellations after the deadline unless you find a replacement for yourself, then a cancellation fee may still apply. If not stated with event info, a minimum $25 fee for trips and $10 for events will apply and will be deducted from your refund. This helps cover our credit card processing fees which were deducted by our credit card processing company from your initial payment, and are not refunded to us when we refund your payment.

    Cancellations are very costly to the club, both in money and time spent processing, so please be sure you will be able to attend before signing up for a trip or event. Many times we still have to pay for your seat on the bus or plane, or your bed in the condo, cabin or hotel room, even though you don't show up. We understand that sometimes there are emergencies, but please realize that the consequences of your emergency belong to you, not the club. If you give us some notice, we can try to find a replacement for you, but that of course is not guaranteed and a cancellation fee may still apply.

    Membership Cancellations. All memberships that are paid by credit card will renew automatically each year or month until canceled. If you wish to cancel, you must send an email to at least 2 weeks before the next payment date. Once membership payments are processed, they are non-refundable. If your credit card has expired or is no longer valid, then you will have to renew your membership yourself. If your auto renewal is not successful after several attempts, then your membership will be canceled until you make payment.

  • Store Hours
  • Customer service is available as defined on the Contact Us page of this Web site.